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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  July 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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we should know by the end of the summer whether sarah palin will be running for president. the former republican vice presidential candidate says she will announce her decision in late august or early september. palin told fox news that she does not see a candidate in the current republican field that she would campaign for right now. she also says she thinks she could win a campaign against president obama. of the two top republicans already in the race for the white house, mitt romney is firmly in the lead, according to a new reuters ipsos poll. he leads michele bachmann 40% to 23%. among republicans and independents. it's much tighter, though, among independent voters alone, romney's lead among them is just 10 percentage points over bachmann. in the day ahead, former first lady betty ford will be laid to rest beside her husband in grand rapids, michigan. right now the body of the former first lady is lying in repose at the gerald ford presidential library. a final private funeral service
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and burial will be held this afternoon. former president bill clinton, former vice president dick cheney, and former first lady barbara bush are expected to attend. mrs. ford died last friday at the age of 93. >> as we said, nice change outside this morning. refreshing out there. 69 degrees right now? >> you didn't even bring me a basket of fruit or anything. no gifts? no bottle of champagne? we'll keep it going anyway. >> okay. >> good morning. this morning, yes, you will notice a wonderful change occurring overnight. we've got a clear sky, the summer constellations are twinkling. the summer triangle is up there in a galactic black sky. right now feast your eyes on these temperatures. take a long, hard look at these temperatures. it is just beautiful. out in petersburg, west virgi a virginia, down to 55. cumberland, maryland, down to 59. closer to washington we're in the 60s. in montgomery, and fairfax, and prince george's counties, right now near 70. in arlington county, it's 72 at
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reagan national. on the eastern shore, temperatures have dropped into the 60s there. and we've had a fresh change occur as high pressure has pushed in from the north and west. there's the washington monument under his clear sky. you can see the visibility is much better. by 9:00 we'll be in the mid 70s and a bright and sunny day. maybe just a few high clouds during the afternoon. by noontime, maybe around 80 degrees and by late afternoon the low 80s. might peak in the mid 80s around 3:00 or so this afternoon. with low humidity, and a light breeze coming in out of the northeast. a look at the night planner coming up in about ten minutes. danella sealock, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning, and happy friday eve. so far traffic is looking great. checking on local roadways, no incidents to report at this time. how about a live look at some of our area bridges. starting out with the key bridge. key bridge is looking nice and peaceful as we shoot over to the 14th street bridge. if only it could look this great at 6:00. but i'm no miracle worker. the american legion bridge, as well in maryland.
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your local roadways as well as the american legion bridge look great. i'll be back in about ten minutes with another yup date. >> danella, thanks. metro announced plans to shut down several stations temporarily throughout the next year to complete the recommended safety improvements. the closures will be on weekends only. the first one will be on august 6th and 7th. that closure is set for all the stations between twinbrook and medical center on the red line. the closures that may have the biggest impact will be in november when the national airport station will shut down on the weekend before thanksgiving. metro says this approach will let crews finish the ntsb recommended track safety improvements by june of 2012. both d.c. firefighters and police officers are upset over a new program that forces the fire department to help fight crime. for the past three weeks, d.c. fire and ems personnel have been parking their trucks at high crime neighborhoods. city officials say they just want firefighters to call 911 if they see suspicious activity. the d.c. police union and
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firefighters union, they both say the plan is not safe. it's to prevent things from bubbling up. the idea is that if you have a fire apparatus engine with adults there, no one is going to commit a crime. >> i think it's a disaster. you're putting untrained, unsupervised, unequipped firefighters in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town to perform a law enforcement function. >> the president of the firefighters union released a statement saying, quote, i am concerned that this is a knee-jerk reaction to what is a serious problem that is clearly a police matter and not a fire department problem. right now the mayor's office says the policy will last at least through next spring. actor charlie sheen's d.c. police escort did not violate the department's policy. the d.c. inspector general's office made that finding but issued eleven recommendations for future police escorts. in april, officers gave sheen what appeared to be a high-speed escort from dulles airport to a performance at dar constitution hall in the district.
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officials say they were not able to independently verify that the officers were speeding even though sheen posted a picture on twitter that shows speedometer registering about 80 miles an hour. the case is now closed. a hate crime investigation under way in silver spring, after 20 cars were vandalized. all the vehicles were parked in the spencerville neighborhood. that's in the 15,000 block of wenbro street. police say vandals slashed tires and spray painted swastikas and anti-gay messages among other things. police are offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest. a murdered 8-year-old boy from new york city has been laid to rest. thousands turned out for the funeral services last night in brooklyn. his dismembered remains were found in the trash bin and freezer in the home of 35-year-old levi aaron. aaron confessed that monday afternoon, the boy asked for a ride home from day camp after getting lost. aaron instead took him back to his house, where he says he
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panicked after realizing it had become such a high profile case and he said he then killed the boy. he told investigators, quote, i'm sorry for the hurt i've caused. tensions are running high in india, after three bombs exploded in mumbai yesterday, killing at least 21, and injuring more than 100. bomb-sniffing dogs were checking bags and people as police investigators are still on the scene looking for evidence. this is the same area that was attacked by pakistani militants in 2008, where 166 people were killed. no group has claimed responsibility for this latest attack. happening today, members of congress will join family members who lost loved ones in the 9/11 attacks. they will help stitch together an american flag that became tattered and worn following the september 11th attacks. the flag once hung at the construction site overlooking ground zero. it has since traveled around the country, getting one sketch after another in all 50 states. once finished the flag will hang in the national 9/11 memorial
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museum that is now under construction at ground zero. police arrested a man trying to board a plane with more than a dozen knives. this happened at bwi airport last week. the baltimore sun reports the tsa agent noticed the man had 13 knives in his carry-on bag while using an x-ray machine. the knives were all different shapes and sizes. that man's identity has that been released. a tsa spokesman says they usually detect two passengers a day nationwide trying to board planes with weapons. 4:47 is the time today. the first full day of testimony in roger clemens' perjury trial. jurors are expected to hear from two house officials who will explain the relevance of the congressional committee clemens testifi testify before three years ago. it was that testimony that led to the perjury charges. the star's attorney claims the committee overstepped its authority by holding the hearing into whether clemens and other baseball players ever used performance enhancing drugs. prosecutors say congress was within its rights because
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regulating steroids in baseball relates to a u.s. drug policy. clemens still denies ever using performance-enhancing drugs. ahead on "news 4 today," why d.c. lawmakers are honoring an alcoholic drink. >> also, the search for more victims this morning of a man police say took advantage of local women looking for work. and next, wicked storms knocked out power to thousands in our area. ♪
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dominion virginia power is reporting more than 150 homes still without power after yesterday's storms. heavy rains slammed our area yesterday, knocking out power to thousands of homes. a dominion spokesperson says everything should be restored by this afternoon. >> i'm embarrassed to say i slept completely through it. didn't know a thing was happening. >> didn't notice myself. >> tom kierein was completely on top of it and has a look at what we can expect today, too. hey, tom. >> that was the price we paid for what we have this morning. a wonderful change has occurred, low humidity in place. we'll take this in mid-july. temperature right now, reagan national, a comfortable 72 with low humidity. right now, it's only in the low to mid 60s in montgomery, and parts of fairfax county. right now mid 60s in prince george's county. right near the bay in the mid 70s. and farther west in the low 60s
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around the shenandoah valley to 50s in western maryland and much of west virginia. the fresh change occurred overnight as the high pressure pushed in from the west. right now we've got a clear sky over washington and the entire region, and by noontime we'll be near 80 with lots of sunshine. during the afternoon, mid afternoon in the mid 80s. by late afternoon back down into the low 80s. lots of sun with low humidity. here's the night planner. we'll have our sunset at 5 -- or rather 8:33. the sunrise this morning is at 5:44. and then we'll have down into the 70s overnight. as we look to the evening we'll be in the 70s. and we'll have a clear sky, then by this time tomorrow morning, again, down into the 60s. a look at that and the weekend and into next week in ten mites. danella, how's traffic? >> things are still looking good starting out in virginia. 66 inside and outside of the beltway. i see no accidents to report for you, as well as 95 in virginia, in both directions. north and south. you're looking good. and see if you head on to 395 right here, same story. excellent time to be driving
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right now. so far no delays or incidents to report as we shoot over to 270. i-270 in both directions. so far is clear. right now at clarksburg you can see the head lights towards us. that's the 270 south traffic. but nothing to report at this time. >> thanks, danella. still to come, why hollywood star mila kunis might not be going to the marine corps ball.
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ben's may expand into virginia. the famous u-street eatery is scouting six or so locations across our area. yep, it currently has just one
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satellite location at nationals park. new this morning, scotland yard makes another arrest in that phone hacking scandal. meanwhile, some members of congress are now calling for a u.s. investigation into the scandal, involving rupert murdoch's news corporation in britain. the move comes after journalists from the new defunct tabloid paper "news of the world" reportedly contacted a new york city policeman to try to get private phone records of british citizens who died in the world trade center during the 9/11 attacks. former british prime minister gordon brown says other newspapers owned by murdoch took part in the phone hacking scandal. the girlfriend of one of the country's most notorious mobsters says she knew nothing about his violent past. catherine greig is behind bars accused of harboring a fugitive. her lawyer made the argument during a bail hearing. fbi agents arrested her along with james "whitey" bulger near los angeles. prosecutors say bulger used to head boston's notorious winter hill gang and committed the murders to eliminate rivals or
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potential witnesses. greig left with him in 1995. a missing persons search group wants its money back for its time and trouble searching for caylee anthony. texas equusearch is suing casey anthony. the group's founder says that anthony misled him and wants more than $100,000 for its search efforts. last week casey anthony was found not guilty of killing her daughter caylee. the defense team claimed that the young girl never went missing but had drowned accidentally in the family swimming pool. this morning police in prince george's county have two persons of interest in custody in connection with a deadly shooting in bowie. the victim was found shot to death yesterday afternoon in his home on livingstone and dever driver. police say they found the persons of interest walking in the neighborhood shortly after the shooting. neither has been arrested yet but police were questioning them late into the night. investigators believe the victim, a laundromat owner, was targeted. police in fairfax county believe there may be at least three more victims who were victims of an attempted sexual
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assault at an employment agency. police arrested 72-year-old chook sik lee on two charges of sexual assault. he's accused of bringing women into the world employment agency in annandale and then forcing them to watch pornography and trying to sexually assault them. two women fought off his attacks. police believe there are more victims, but who are afraid to come forward. lee has a court date scheduled for august the 3rd. christopher barry, the son of d.c. council member marion barry, is due in court on july 27th after being arrested for felony drug dealing charges. police were called to his home in d.c. late in may, because of a fight. court documents show that officers forced their way into the home and found five bags full of marijuana, and a vial of pcp. barry was charged with potential and intent to distribute. christopher barry refused to comment on the situation. d.c. council members are holding a special meeting today to vote on extending martin
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luther king junior avenue to the new martin luther king memorial. the resolution would designate the southeast/southwest freeway and the western stretches of independence avenue southwest as martin luther king jr. drive. the new drive would stretch from the northern end of the current martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast, across the 11th street bridge, down the freeway onto the main avenue, all the way to the main avenue exits and then down independence avenue and past the new memorial. the martin luther king jr. memorial is set to open on august the 28th. >> well, kentucky has its bourbon and cuba has the mojito, but here in the district, we have the ricky. >> isn't that a dance, too? later today, d.c. council member jack evans will read a proclamation declaring the ricky as washington's native cocktail. and july as ricky month. >> the drink was invented back in 1883, i forgot that. it was invented at shoe maker's by a bar tender and democratic lobbyist by a colonel named joe
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ricky. the j.w. marriott hotel now sits on the schumacher site. >> it is two ounces of bourbon, rye whiskey or gin, and half a lime squeezed and dropped in the glass, add ice, stir and top it off with sparkling mineral water and have yourself a rickey. >> in other words the breakfast of champions. >> lebron james, dwyane wade and chris bosch refer to themselves as the big three in honor of how many quarters they play. >> the world of sports met the world of comedy last night in los angeles. seth myers hosted the annual espy awards. which honor the best athletic performances in games in the past year. of course my alma mater, vcu, you see them right there, won the award for best upset for its win over kansas in the ncaa tournament. it was also a big night for the nba's dallas mavericks. they won the espy for best team
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and mavs start dirk know its ski was named best male athlete. >> congrats. >> actress mila kunis may have to break her word. >> apparently contrary to her word earlier this week, she may have canceled her blind date with a marine. sergeant scott moore asked her to join him this november for the marine corps ball in north carolina. she may have to cancel because she is supposed to start filming two movies that month. and may not be able to travel. this has not stopped the local marine based in quantico from asking out kunis' co-star justin timberlake. corporal chelsea desantous posted a video asking timber lake to attend the marine corps ball here in d.c. no word on whether she has seen that video. this could get to be a habit. >> it could be a problem. there are several reports this morning that brad pitt and angelina jolie are planning a wedding this fall. the two hollywood stars have
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been together for six years. they have said they wanted to wait to get married until it became legal for everyone, gay or straight. the couple has six children. >> six kids. after six kids a good time to get married. >> that would be good. why not just get it done? tom kierein is here now. 4:52, and 68 wonderful degrees outside. >> i think somebody left the refrigerator door open or something. because it has incredibly cooled down here. we have had a dramatic drop in our humidity overnight. good morning. starting off with a clear sky, and right now, looking at that sky, here's the live picture from our city camera. the sky now beginning to glow a bit on the eastern horizon. that's a live picture. and it's at 72 now at reagan national. but the dew point down to 56. this time yesterday morning, dew point was 66. dew point is an indication of humidity and certainly it has dropped. the wind coming in out of the north/northeast thanks to high pressure that has moved in just to our north. and the temperatures have dropped off to our west in the
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highlands of west virginia and western maryland, into the mid 50s. closer to washington, right in the suburbs of prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, we're in the 60s. and right in washington, and right by the bay, low to mid 70s. and most locations around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley were in the 60s, as well as on the eastern shore, where it's down into the mid 60s or so. here's some other temperatures around. much of western maryland, west virginia, in the 50s, and it's comfortably dry throughout the ebb tire region. over the last 12 hours, you've had this high pressure pushing in from the north and west. just a few wispy high clouds coming into the mountains right now. those may drift over it as the afternoon progresses. but this morning, we will have our temperatures remaining cool all the way through sun rise at 5:54. then by 9:00 in the mid 70s. by noon near 80. and by midafternoon late 80s. late afternoon low 80s. and low humidity throughout the day, and plenty of sunshine going to be out for prolonged
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period. you'll need sunblock. in the 70s through the evening between 7:00 and 11:00. and by midnight down here 70. and by dawn tomorrow, we will be down into the low 60s. another gorgeous day on friday, maybe a few more clouds around. highs reaching mid 80s. and low humidity still in place on saturday. highs in the 80s. and then on sunday, getting a little more humid and a little hotter, into the upper 80s. first part of next week, the steam heat returns. heat and humidity for monday, tuesday, and wednesday. chance of storms tuesday, and wednesday. check the weather any time, weather channel on cable. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning, still looking good. checking the local roadways in prince george's county. good morning, and so far no incidents to report for you. and i want to take you to montgomery county right now. east coast highway at colesville road, looking great in montgomery county. even if you drive down to d.c., this is "i" and 16th street. so far all is peaceful. shooting over to i-66, this is
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that fairfax county parkway. both inside and outside of the beltway on 66. your lanes are open, and it's a smooth ride. joe and aaron, back to you. >> sounds good. >> thanks very much. coming up, sarah palin.
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♪ if you believed there's nothing up my sleeve ♪ then nothing is cool good morning, "atlantis." >> michael stipe woke up the shuttle crew this morning with "man on the moon." today some rest for the crew. they will give interviews from space before taking most of the day off. the shuttle's scheduled to land on july 21st. in just a few hours the nominees for the 63rd prime-time emmy awards will be announced. it all begins at 8:35 this morning eastern standard time. nbc's comedies, 30 rock and the office are both expected to get nods for best comedy, actor and actress. the awards will be handed out on september 18th. harry potter fans across the country are gearing up to catch midnight screenings of the latest film in the franchise. >> harry, you can't do that. >> hermione, i can't always help
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it. >> harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2 is the eighth and final movie of the series. hundreds of people got to take part in a special red carpet screening of the film at the amc georgetown. matthew lewis, the actor who plays neville longbottom stopped by. "harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2" opens nationwide tonight at midnight. there are still tickets available for tonight's premiere at several theaters around the area. some are already sold out. well, before he took an unflattering family photo, you could simply hit the delete button on your digital camera. now you may want to hit the save button because the more unflattering the picture, the bigger the chance that you coulder a two-week vacation. the website called awkwardfamilynot is holding a contest to find the most embarrassing family picture ever. the winner gets a two-week stay he is embassy suites lake tahoe, waikiki beach or charlotte, north carolina. and $15,000 in cash. bring it


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